Property Taxes


County and town taxes are collected from January 1st through June 1st of each year. Taxes are penalty free through January 31st. Tax payments may be mailed or paid at the Town Clerk's Office.

Physical address: Mailing address:
Tax Collector/Town Clerk Tax Collector
21 Milton Turnpike P. O. Box 305
Milton, NY 12547   Milton, NY 12547

Late or Unpaid Taxes

After June 1st, all unpaid taxes are returned to the Ulster County Department of Finance and thereafter must be paid to the them.

Property Tax Payment Schedule

Must be postmarked or paid in person by: Penalty
January 31st 0.0%
February 28th 1.0%
March 31st 2.0%
April 30th  3.0%
May 31st 4.0%
*Cannot accept any payment postmarked after June 1st.  
*Payment options include 1 full payment or 2 half payments only.