Birds at Water's Edge

Great Blue Heron 

Description - Large gray-blue heron, black stripe above the eye, yellowish bill, light colored body, dark gray wings, stands about 4'
Behavior/Diet - Wades along water's edge and dives head into water to catch fish
Great Blue Heron Adult (Blue form)

Green Backed Heron

Description - Small with short yellowish legs, greenish black crown feathers, sides and under -deep chestnut, stands about 15" - 17"
Behavior/Diet - Often perches in trees, wades along water's edge to catch fish
Green-backed Heron - David Disher

Canada Goose

Description - Black head and neck with distinctive white "chin" strap,  breast white and body brownish
Behavior/Diet - Graze on grass and clover, eats submerged aquatic vegetation
Canada Goose - Max McCarthy


Belted Kingfisher

Description - Large shaggy head, gray-blue head and body, white collar or belt at neck, heavy pointed bill, stands about 12" - 13"
Behavior/Diet -  May sit  20' - 40' above the water, dive into the water for small fish
Belted Kingfisher Female

Red Winged Blackbird

Description - Glossy black with bright red shoulders tipped with yellow, females are brownish all over, stands about 7" - 9"
Behavior/Diet - Eats insects and spiders and seeds,  likes to nest in thick vegetation of fresh
water areas
Red-winged Blackbird Breeding male (Red-winged)

Purple Martin

Description -  Male dark glossy purplish blue back and belly,  females dark grayish all over
forked tail
, stands about 7" - 8"
Behavior/Diet - Swoop like swallows and  eats mosquitoes, beetles, flies, moths as they fly through the air often seen swooping over the pond
Purple Martin Adult male

Tree Swallows

Description - Blue iridescent back, dark wings, white neck and underside with notched tail,
stands about 5"- 5 1/2 "
Behavior/Diet -  Eats mosquitoes, beetles ,flies, moths as it flies through the air
and likes to fly over the pond

Tree Swallow Adult