Birds Near the Pond

Eastern Kingbird

Description - Black head, gray back, tail has broad white band at tip, stands about 7" - 8"
Behavior/Diet -  Often seen near water, sits on wires or limbs to fly off to eat insects
Eastern Kingbird


Northern Oriole or Baltimore Oriole

Description -  Black hood and upper back, bright orange hump and undersides, stands about 7" - 8"
Behavior/Diet - Eat mainly caterpillars, beetles, and bugs
   Baltimore Oriole Adult male

American Goldfinch

Description - Male bright yellow with black wings and tail, female duller greenish back and body, stands about 4" - 5"
Behavior/Diet - Distinctive flight pattern- bouncy, eats seeds of all types
American Goldfinch - Darren Clark


White-Breasted Nuthatch

Description - White face with black eye, 
slim grayish line from head to body, light under body and dark wings, stands about 5" - 5 1/2 "
Behavior/Diet - Found on tree trunks- moving up and down to forage, distinctive call - neh-neh-neh, eats insects
White-breasted Nuthatch Male